Car Insurance…II

My friend is on a limited income so she would not be able to pay for more insurance for her passengers,. and her two boys who are on the insurance papers wouldn’t want me to get involved and disturb something that is not even my issue. I thought it sounded rediculous at first but I do understand this family. I would not know if she would pay for more to have passengers in her vehicle along with her. She is like me —- on a fixed incume.

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2 Responses to Car Insurance…II

  1. sezrah says:

    that seems really ridiculous

    is she able to pay a bit more so they’ll cover the passengers?


  2. Melange says:

    Yes, that sounds very strange to me about the insurance but then I live in Canada and our policies are surely different here as all passengers are covered under our policies. After reading this, for that I am happy. Follow your heart and your mind as you are on the right road.

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