The flu has been an epidemic in the technical school I am attending. Someone I know who works here in the Special Needs Lab did not come into work today and then another person who was working went home feeling ill. The flu has been an epidemic everywhere as far as I can see. It already has hit the apartment complex I live in pretty hard and yet people are not totally well from the flu bug or virus. I’ve had it last month even though I did my best to take care of myself when I was away from home – probably affecting other people when I did not know I would infect. But as far as school is concerned, I can not miss any classes if I can definitely help it and if I can not help it, it is a different story. I have not missed one class yet! Whew…

I do feel bad for ALL the people getting sick with the flu bug that has been floating around.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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