What a Day!

Today was a good day but it was one day that I could say “What a day!” I went to school today but I only went for three hours since I did not have any classes and my friend who drives me to and from school did not have to stay all day. I had gotten something done regarding Business Law – a class I find tough to some degree. No class tomorrow because my BL instructor will not be there so I will take more time to work on my studying for my test coming on Wednesday, March 13. As for Economics, there is a group quiz and I am ready for it but nervous. I have a fairly busy week with the quiz in Econ and a test next week in BL. So I can probably say “What a day!” Maybe I am talking prematurely, who knows.

Life is filled with everyday lessons whether you go to school daily or go through life and learn things by accident.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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