Back in the Swing of Things

The week of Spring Break is finally over! I am back at school now ready to return to classes. My leg is giving me some trouble – the pulled muscle is aching quite a bit right now, but I will be fine in the long run. I am glad to be back in the swing of things as far as school is concerned. Honestly, Spring Break was BORING except for the time my friend J had spent the night. That was the only time I was not bored. As I sit here, dreading the idea of school ending in May, I wonder what in the world I will be doing to keep myself from being bored to death in the summer when school is out for the summer. I do have a couple of trips to be looking forward to. I will be seeing my older brother in June and his family, and I plan to see my aunt in July during our birthday month. My birthday is July 3 and her birthday is July 9 or 11. I was going to go spend a few days with my aunt over Spring Break but plans were changed because she had only two days off of work and the weather has been iffy and unpredictable lately. Today the weather is cold but standable cold. In Madison, Wisconsin there is scattered flurries! The weather has definitely been unpredictable lately. I am just glad to be back in the swing of things even though I have said this plenty of times already, lol.

I am planning on doing my ten minute talk in Business Law today when class begins. I want to get it done and out of the way, and hopefully I don’t sound like a robot or talk to fast… – a robot, lol… naw, it would be more of the fact I will be talking too fast, :0) I have other things to do other than sit and wait to do my ten minute talk now. I need more time on other studies other than Economics and Business Law now that school is only two months away from ending!

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  1. boy, what i wouldn’t give for spring break

    i’m really looking forward to easter and having 4 days off, something about this time of year

    hope your ten minute talk goes ok, just remember to slooooowww dooooownnn 😉

    i have the same problem, i get nervous and everything speeds up


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