What a Day…Glad Spring Break is Over!!

Today has been a fairly good day. It has been quiet and peaceful around here. Got mmy dishes done and now I debating on when i will take a bath or shower. I hate those moments but I can not always jump to something, lol. Toay is just a lazy day for me. I start back to school tomorrow, YEAH – boredom is now over and gone, YEAH! I did, while being lazy, worked on my Business Law assignment for this week on my computer. Whew…got that out of the way and now I am ready for my ten minute talk this week. Personally I hope I don’t soun like a robot or talk so fast that no one can understand me, LOL I could just see the perspiration running down my face and stinging my eyes.

Spring Break is over now when some schools are getting their Spring Break will be starting tomorrow or the next following week. I am glad to be back to the studying habit again for a litle while. Believe me, I was bored to death this past week, except for one day and night when my friend J stayed over night.

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4 Responses to What a Day…Glad Spring Break is Over!!

  1. Avalonelf says:


    Yay!!! That’s good it’s only a pulled muscle. Now how did you pull that muscle? My sisters boyfriend wripped a tendon in his toe in hs sleep because it was caught between the bed and the end board… he’s wearing a boot now,lol. I think its funny

    Anyway good luck with that pulled muscle!


  2. Avalonelf says:


    Well glad that your going to be okay. Stomping huh, and in your sleep,lol. Sorry that just sounds alittle wierd, but its funny though.

    Anyway, spring break is over for us too. We go back t school tomorrow and face taking CSAP tests tomorrow. Colorado State Assessment Programs, its a state test which everyone hates and is pointles to school.

    Well its snowing here, it WAS supposed to be good weather, but guess not…


  3. sezrah says:

    lazy days are good once in a while, especially when they’re on a sunday 😉

    no good to hear about your bowling strain, sounds owwwie

    God bless


  4. Melange says:

    All the best of luck with your ten minute talk this week. I will be thinking of you.

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