This Must Be One of Those Days…LOL

My my, what a day! It has been long and tiring but worth the day. IO was reading a comment, at another place and I just about went through the floor with what I was reading. I think, my opinion only, I was misunderstood by the reader who left the comment even though what she wrote was right. i deleted her comment because I felt it was more a private comment than a public one and I am not mad at this person for leavinig the comment, but I feel that I was misunderstood…which happens a lot because I do go in circles sometimes. I am kmk1989 here at DD as well because I have two journals to keep up – a spiritual one and then a personal/daily one here as ksmiley. I did ask for anyone to comment at my entry at kmk1989 but what I was writing was not the fact that I was controlling a person or she was controlling me. I sometimes take things a little on the personal side but I am not mad at the commenter who wrote the comment because she had good points throughout her commoent and she is right about the fact that we should not judge others. I know, always have known, that we should not judge other people and their lifes – spiritually or personally – but I have been disappointed and my heart has been aching terribly because I don’t see this person attending church and this person is the very one who brought me to the Lord three years ago. HELP!

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