Look Out!!!

First of all, by looking at the time, I might have to end this entry abruptly and finish it later when I get home from school…who knows.

Why did I say look out? Well, I am in good spirits today and I am feeling a little anxious and kind of excited about things in general. Today was a good day all day long minusing the pulled muscle in my right leg in this equation. My leg, however, is feeling better but it still has a pull to it but I am walking faster and a little bit more normally instead of terribly slow like.

The “hot” water was turned off yesterday so today when I get home, I am going to do my laundry. Yes, it is about time! I planned to do my laundry on Monday but the “hot” water was to be turned off then so the plumbers could fix the problem(s) so I planned to do my laundry oon Tuesday but it turned out I dared not to, so tonight when I get home the laundry will be done – FINALLY! I am so ready to go home from school now. I have had my fill of school for today but my ride is not yet here, LOL – That is why I might have to leave abruptly while writing this entry but it looks like I will be able to finish my entry.

What is going on with me? I feel anxious and excited at the smae time and it is driving me crazy – that feeling of jumping up and running is on my mind and I am ready to get away.

Look out!

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2 thoughts on “Look Out!!!”

  1. *rolls up a hug into a little ball and lays it next to your computer keyboard . . . yours to use at will if you so desire*

    *smiles and scoots*


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