Happy Weekend and Easter

Tomorrow we do not have school as it is Good Friday and so I have a three day weekend. Anyway, I have never gone to school on a Friday as I find my Fridays a day off from the four day week of school, studying, and classes. I am, whether the weather permits it, I am going to have a good weekend again as my friend J is going to spend the night and it is her 24th birthday Saturday. J is such a nice girl and I am glad to have her as a friend, who I met at school at Blackhawk Technical College and we have a lot of things in common. In fact, I have not seen J so happy after she met my dear friend M.E.E. – now they are seeing each other and are girlfriend/boyfriend. Those two friends of mine, so much alike, are so happy that I have brought the together and they met. I did tell them that I was not “Miss Matchmaker” and they were going to meet and what goes on from there is out of my control but J says that I am Miss Matchmaker – SMILE.

Sunday is Easter and I don’t know what my plans are exactly even though I have been invited to two places – almost three, lol. Depending on the weather I plan to go to my friend Kathy’s to have dinner for Easter but if the weather does not cooperate, I am going to stay home and have dinner with my neighbor and her family as the invitation was open to me a week ago.

Well, tomorrow is my mom’s 58th birthday. I can not believe that time has gone by so quickly. Next Friday my dad will be 60! WOW!

Well, Everyone at DD, I would like to wish you all a happy weekend and Easter. I plan to be back later, if the weather permits and is cooperative, though. See you soon.

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