Livingroom Rearranged

My two man friends, G and M came over to rearrange my livingroom and now it looks DIFFERENT and GREAT. I really like the “new” setup. My place no longer looks cluttered or dirty. It does need a little sprucing up but that will wait until tomorrow when my cleaning lady comes. Anyway, my friend “Nana” L needed some help with her vacuuming, putting her curtains up, and mopping. My friends G and M, and I did those things for her. Now I am feeling kind of ill like – probably from the Pine Sol! I have a slight headache and I am feeling a little Nauseous!! I will be fine in a while though. I am going to take a Tylenol tonight. At least my apartment livingroom is rearranged and I don’t have to wait any longer, and my friend “Nana” L is okay for the night.

Well, I have to go for now. Good night…

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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2 Responses to Livingroom Rearranged

  1. annette says:


    I know whatcha mean about homework and being able to do better…

    speaking of… I better get moving on mine.


  2. Melange says:

    Happy to hear that you are pleased with the rearrangement of your livingroom. Sometimes, the simplest of things give us pleasure. Good luck with your homework.

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