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My my, I have not been here since Friday early evening! I thought about getting on here while I was at school today but school was closed after noon because the main water pipe broke and everyone, even the workers were asked to leave the building until tomorrow. Will they have the water pipe fixed so school can resume? I hope so. I was disappointed that my Economics class was cancelled. I really wanted to be there all day long instead of being home watching television all afternoon and napping. Did a nap ever come? No, not really. I was too wound up and kind of out of it all day long. At least we had morning classes, whew…I have NOT missed a class yet even though it has been tempting many times this semester due to my anxiety disorder. I am SO GLAD that I have something to look forward to four days a week, believe me. I have, after waking up in a daze phase, I am going to take Thursday off and do ALL my homework for both major classes here at home no matter if my cat sits o my textbooks and making it very difficult to study at my computer desk/table.

My school day has ended very very shortly after I arrived there. We even were able to leave Business Law twenty-five minutes early! Boy oh boy, I have my homework cut out in that class now – yeah, fun. I can handle it. I have gotten this far without giving up and I am NOT going to give up now. Giving up was the old me and this is the new me now – I won’t give up that easily.

Okay, to top my day, I had learned that my kidney doctor is leaving this Thursday and I am getting a new doctor. I just gotten to know this one doctor, the one who is leaving, and now I have to meet the new doctor. I feel so strange but life goes on whether or not you are a part of a person’s life or not. I just might like my new doctor just fine. I will meet him on the 27th of May – a good meeting I hope. I have so much to look forward to in the month of May. Three appointments within one week! YIKES! Oh well, I have to stay healthy I guess. I have only one, transplanted kidney inside me now and the transplant is now fourteen years and one month old. I can not believe it! Everything is going well at this time.

I have to admit, how awkward my day seemed today, I do have a couple of great friends in my life other than Jesus. Those two friends, J and M, now dating each other because I brought them together as boyfriend/girlfriend, are two wonderful people. I remember last week I did not go to school because a dear friend of mine, “Nana” needed a friend because her brother had passed away the night before, J had called me three times wondering where I was and I was gone from 2:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. or so and she was worried even though I was going to be with my friend. What happened was, I did not tell her what time I was going to be back and she, as kind as she is, had a right to know what was going on. She was worried about my friend “Nana” as well. J and M are two wonderful friends – Jesus too. I don’t go anywhere without Jesus now-a-days even though I am not always understanding what is going on sometimes.

It is after 10 p.m. here in Wisconsin and I now getting tired – after taking a doze of Xanax to calm some of my anxiety down. I have gabbed a lot in one entry and I know it has been a couple of days since I have written. I personally think that this entry is boring and I need to stop writing for the night and pay attention to my cat Emilee who is demanding for my attention now telling me that it is time to go to bed. Oh man, where I live, we had to set the clocks forward an hour and my body is yet thinking it is 9 p.m. not 10 p.m.

Good night Y’all….

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  1. I didn’t find it boring at all and was happy to see you made an entry.

    You have great determination now and that is just wonderful. What a great friend to take with you too – Jesus!

    I wish you all the best with your new kidney Doctor.

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