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Yesterday was not 100% the greatest day and today. Today I stayed home from school to hang out and rest. The weather has been yucky since Sunday, and later this afternoon I finally saw sunlight and a yellow come into the day. My spirits are picking up now.

Speaking of spirits being picked up, I am going to be seeing my counselor in a couple of weeks and talk about seeing a Psychiatrist as soon as possible. I think I need a medicine change as far as my Prozac goes, unless… my mood swings have something to do with the cloudy weather we’ve been having since Sunday and now has finally broken up. I don’t like to see my mood swings shift so much in one day or more. It is rediculous as well as frustrating. I suffer from an anxiety disorder and going through life on constant check is what I have to do. Because I love God so much and want to rely on Jesus for ALL of my problems, I really don’t like the idea of being on medication for an anxiety disorder. I don’t find nothing wrong with taking medication for medical reasons, but God/Jesus is the best medicine in the whole wide world. I know there are believers as well as nonbelievers here at DD and I don’t mind that at all. I appreciate the compliments and comments, and other journals here at DD on a regular basis.

Well despite the feeling I have had these past three days – that “blah” feeling, I plan on going to school and going to my classes. Oh my, I forgot to my homework!!! Oh well, I have an extension for homework in Business Law umtil Monday. I don’t know if my instructor noticed the “blah” feeling on my face yesterday but I am definitely grateful for the extension on the homework. I will get it done this week before Monday, that’s a BIG PROMISE. I have to run now. Good night frends!!!

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  1. Yes, God surely is the very best medicine of all. But some of us have illnesses that we must take medication for and there is nothing wrong with you wanting a change, to make your life more cohesive. If your medication has stopped helping you stabilize, then you most likely need either an adjustment or a change. Good luck with your appointment and happy to hear that the sun came out. *smile*

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