Relief from Anxiety for Now

Today the sun shone and the wind was just right and the tempature was perfect for a Spring day. My cat Emilee is meowing her head off because she is hungry and she alreaday has a bowl full of food in her dish and a clean bowl of water for the night. Emilee is getting picky in her old age! LOL Emilee is one amazing cat in my life.

I had my friend G come up to my place tonight to watch a movie called The Trial of Old Drum and I felt like crying in parts and I laughed in others. The movie, a Christian based family movie, was about a dog that was accused of killing sheep but three wild dogs were killing sheep. This boy, Charlie, owned Drum (Dog’s Name knew that his faithful companion did not kill such animals. Charlie’s Uncle Lon was just angry at the idea that his sister died years earlier and Uncle Lon became a bitter man. Charlie and his father Charles Sr. hired an attorney to defend Drum’s life as Uncle Lon wanted Drum destroyed.

I will have to recommend this movie to other animal lovers of all kinds to see the ending. I do have to admit that it was a GREAT movie and it is worth not missing.

Well, I have written a lot today when I had a chance and it is after 10 p here in good ol’ Wisconsin and I am finally getting tired. I am all ready for bed but yet not ready to lay down in bed and fall asleep but I am getting tired. Emilee is sitting on the computer table where she should NOT be waiting patiently for attention – NOT – so I better go for the night and come back tomorrow sometime depending on how the weather is. I heard that there are possible t-storms tomorrow! YUCK, and I hope the weatherman is incorrect on the weather as far as t-storms go. I HATE t-storms.

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  1. Melange says:

    You are so welcome and I value your support also and happy that I met you here in DD land. It is a little uncanny that my next appointment is the 23rd also and I too am searching for answers.

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