Entry #1

I can not believe that a while ago, while working on the computer here, I forgot to save my journal entry #1 – now making this journal entry #1 for the day! I hate that when I get sidetracked or my mind goes to something else that I was previously doing before hand and decided to take a break from something. LOL I know it happens to everyone in their lives somewhere sooner or later. What I was doing, previously, was writing a bit in the first entry which is non-existent now, was waiting for a tutor to come and help me with an Economics assignment. As it turned out, to get back to the assignment on hand, I went and closed out the internet window as I left, FORGETTING that I had begun writing an assignment. Now I am writing entry #1 for the day and going to go to Entry #2 in a second or two…right now.

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