Entry #4

My day is just about to end. The darkness outside is telling me it is now night and it is almost time to go to bed for the night. I was sitting here a little bit ago, looking at my computer and back to the television, wondering if I should even get on line for a while before retiring for the night. My “internet buff” inside of me won the game and here I am. Honestly, I don’t think writing four entries in today’s DD is the most I have written in one day…who knows. I am glad, honestly, to have the day off of school tomorrow and take the morning and stay home and then go bowling for the afternoon, then come home and do some studying and then go to bed. I do have school, classes, on Wednesday and then another day off of school til the following Monday. I am not going to relax like this every week now…just last week and this week since the pressure of the ending of the school year and I definitely don’t want to not have an anxiety attack!!

Well, today, for a Spring day in Wisconsin, the tempature got in the 90s! That makes me wonder, temporarily, that Winter was missed to some degree and then Spring was forgotten. There was definitely a heatwave!!!

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