Entry #1

I was going to be here yesterday but we had some bad storms coming our way last night. In fact we had to go to the safe zone of our apartment building, which was the hallway on the first floor because we were expecting a tornado. We had severe thunderstorms most of the night but I do know that I slept through most of the night after falling asleep to a television program and keeping an ear and eye out for any more foul play. I have never seen a tornado, except on television, in my life yet. As bad as the storms were last night, it was tornado weather and yet the tornado went around us…not over us.

Today as been a good day. I had company this afternoon for a while and my cleaning lady came by today. There was not a whole lot for her to do today – just the minor stuff. She was here and then gone within a half an hour..which is record time here. My place is not that big and not that messy, thankfully. My friend K came over for a while. I had forgotten that was coming over to help a neighbor with his laundry. I was kind of dead to the world at the time she came anyway. Some things were not making sense to me this morning and early afternoon really…I even was questioning the fact of my cleaning lady coming over this afternoon.

You can see that I had an uneventful evening last night and a good night tonight. I had my friend G come over to watch a spiritual tape, video and he had left a little before 9 p.m.. Well, I have a big day tomorroow again, so I better sign off for the night. I usually don’t write in my journals on Friday night anyway.

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