A Breather Now

I am through with my classes for the day. It is now a time to breathe and I can actually take a breath now. Both classes are fairly difficult as a lot of information is involved. I have found myself in Business Law today working on an assignment due Wednesday a summary of Illegal Contracts. Yikes, I have a long summary! LOL…at least I think so. As soon as I get home, I am going to get a bite to eat and get to my school work and take tomorrow off from school again to go to an appointment that is LONG OVER DUE!

I have noticed, actually since Friday morning, that I have not had the feeling of a confused mind. I have been pretty up in spirits – even after the fact of yesterday’s benefit and visit with my friend who is sick with cancer now. I have noticed that yesterday’s benefit put a closure in my life – to erase all fear that was inside me all week long up to the day of the benefit. i have been on a clearer road of recovery, thinking that the medication I was taking for my anxiety and depression was truly helping me when I found it really not the best. I am going to talk to a doctor about that tomorrow in one of my appointments at the counseling office. At least I am getting myself back on track in life now, thankfully. What am I to do? Live life to it’s fullest.

Well, I have to get going to other things now, but I will try to get back tonight when I get to my computer at home. I have a half an hour before my bus gets here and I get away from school until Wednesday. Good bye for now.

Continued later

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  1. You are so very welcome and I will continue to pray for your friend and for you. Brave souls, fighting a long, hard battle.

    I’m very happy that you found some closure and are getting the well needed sleep that you need. Your attitude is so positive and that will give you the strength you need.

    God bless you.

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