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Don’t worry…I am not renegging on my own thoughts from my last entry. Life in General title is not saying that I am upset with anything at this time. My day has been busy. I got my homework done for both classes finished so I can relax over the weekend and not worry about having any necessary homework to do for Monday. My Business Law class was cancelled for the day for some reason or another. I am a tad bit unhappy about that because a lot of money is going towards this clas – both classes – and I like Business Law even though it can be tough at times. Life in general can be tough at times I know. Even though I am not taking any medication for anxiety and depression at this time, I still consider myself with an anxiety disorder. I believe that will never change. Anyway, I am having a good day. I did get an unexpected time off to do other things than being in class for the day. Oh well, my Economics assignment is finished for the weekend and I can hand it in today to my instructor when class begins at one o’clock.

I will be back later. Good bye

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