My Sunday Afternoon and Evening

Today, even though it was cold and wet looking all day long, it has been a fine day. I watched the Lakers with G and another neighbor Linda. The Lakers won, but that is the least of my worries of what happened shortly before the Laker game really got into full swing and it was during the first quarter of the first half. G went had a diabetic down and his blood sugar went down to the twenties. With the signs of his diabetes not in sight, he was sleepy and really out of it – just like the other night when we watched the Laker game up here in my place at 9:30 p.m. that evening. He was out of it then – sleeping in the recliner in my livingroom. Well, I noticed the sign of his sleepy state again this afternoon and went to get Mom in her apartment…it turned out that she had to feed him in order to get his blood sugar up again. It took some time to get his blood sugar up to the required level and even the feeding was still showing signs of low blood sugar. i had become a little frightened in my heart as I sat there watching Mom feeding him without G getting upset and protesting. I was thinking of the one night the ambulance had come to the apartment complex twice for G and the second time he was shuttled to the hospital in the ambulance and did not get home until three o’clock the following morning. I was also angered at the fact that the neighbor, mentioned earlier in this journal entry did not do anything for G until it was almost too late not too long ago. This same person watched the afternoon Laker game with us and that even made me a little unsure of her presence in the same room as G and I. Linda is different but a likeable person.

Mom and I got G on the even keel of his diabetes after some time without the ambulance having to be called – thank goodness – and my heart jumped with glee because I was able to get Mom in time before we could have lost him. The fact of losing G now is a big possibility but as long as I can help it, I will not allow G to die with a diabetic down on my conscience. The Laker game went on at full force with G missing the first and second quarter of the game, but when he did come back, he did come back with the knowledge of who was who, who was winning the game so far, and most of all better spirits. G, Linda, and I finished watching the Laker game in hopes that the Lakers would win.

Right now, a break from my entry writing, Emilee is sitting on the table next to me while I sit and work on my entry for the night. She has been a good girl and hoping that I did not jinx her goodness to become naughty within hours. Back to my entry here…

Well, the Lakers did win the game by one point against the Portland team – the Porland Trail Blazers…Now I get the name of the team! LOL

Greg had come up a little before 9 p.m. and we watched a television program. I am off to bed now since it is a little after ten o’clock in the evening now. Good night! Hope everyone has a good night.

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  1. Melange says:

    I can so relate to those naps and dreams where you wake up wondering if it is night or day. I am off to take one now and hope it doesn’t occur this time.

    The Lakers are my favourite team too!

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