My Day Today

I was not expecting to go to school today but after yesterday’s setback of plans changing, I ought to go today. I did get a lot done for a change. I got more done than I would if I was sitting at home lazying around and sleeping ALL day long. That is what I did thiis afternoon after I got home from school before noon. Honestly, still feeling like I could sleep a week! SMILE…

It has been unusually quiet today around here. This weekend I am taking care of my friend’s cat while she is spending the weekend with her Mom out of town. Her cat, Oreo is one smart cat and very fantastic as far as personality. I do have to admit that Oreo’s personality is much different than Emilee’s – my cat. Oh well, Emilee is one special cat though.

I have plans this weekend to go to church, do homework, read, write, and chat on line. Otherwise I will be relaxing and being with friends if I can find the time.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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