The Mother’s Day Gift

Over a week ago I had run across a poem book titled, I Love You, Mom when I was visiting the Waldenbooks in our city’s mall and it seemed to grab my heart on the very person who has been my surrogate Mom for five years now. I had gotten two of the books – one for my mom in New Mexico to send to her as soon as I can find the chance. Nellie Mom had her daughter from Illinois come for a visit and take her out to brunch at the Olive Garden in the later part of the morning. About 4:30 p, Nellie Mom had called me to let me know she had just gotten home and I had asked her if she wouldn’t mind if I went down to her place to give her her gift and we met in her place. I handed her the bag the book was in and she opened it up and took the book out and saw the title of the book and opened it up and saw it was filled with poems. She loves poems! I had gotten her a wonderful gift and she loved it! We had talked briefly in her place while she took a look at the poem book and the personal enscription I had written among several of the poems which she told me aakes a book more special. As I was sitting there and we were talking, Nellie Mom kept looking at the poem book at the various poems and re-reading my personal notes which made me feel a little embarrassed because no one has even paid so much attention to what I have written in such a long time. It seems that Nellie Mom pays attention to what I write and what I say without me feeling that she pushes it aside and forgets about it until a later date. I have found myself very comfortable with Nellie Mom and feeling safe and secure with her.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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