Becoming a Basketball Game Watcher Again

Last night, even though I had to leave early in order to get to bed early, I had watched the L.A. Lakers and Sacramento Kings play in Game #5 on television with my friend “G” and another Teamster Manor Apartment tenant “R”. I only watched the first half of the game because it was going to be late the game ended and I had to get enough sleep to get up early for a doctor’s appointment at 10 a. this morning. While I was watching the game and talking to “R” while “G” watched and made noise – being the excitement that the L.A. Lakers made a two point or three point basket, I was thinking of the high school days that were not too long ago. My grandpa, now ill with Alzhiemer’s Disease and in a nursing home in NM, took me to every Boy’s Basketball game at home. Oh how fun it was to see my high school basketball team win a game almost every time I was present and cheering them on while my grandpa enjoyed the night out with his granddaughter. Never did I realize until last night that I was a basketball game lover and it was not because the guys in uniform were running from one side to the other of the basketball court. I was not into guys who were considered jocks and very important kids of the school. I was yet a girl who went into herself and felt like a loner in high school because many kids would tease me because of my last name and because I was a daughter to a police officer. I had my own group of people, who also felt like loners or not as outgoing as others. Now, to be very honest with you, that group has lost touch with each other – either are now married or moved away to another part of Wisconsin or another state altogether. Where in the world did I go off rambling about being a “loner” when I was talking about the love of basketball?, lol. Now let me get back to the reason for this entry, okay?

In my Junior year in high school, a year later after Grandpa Fox took me to all the home games of the boy’s basketball game, I had become the only manager of the Girl’s Basketball team even though weeks after that I had learned I was terribly sick and needed a kidney transplant. My grades were not manager for the basketball team material but because my parents were seeing that I was trying to come out of my shell as being a person who liked to be home alot, had talked to the basketball coach (Girls) and the team had voted me in to stay as manager that year because I had spirit and I never was banned from the manager position. I had missed many of the games but the basketball coach would tell me how the girls did and when I had a chance to go, I was happy to be with my team and be there for them whether they won or lost. When I had gotten a visit from the coach, who was also my phy ed teacher, came to visit me one day, i had gotten a card from the entire team with get well wishes and happy notes saying that they missed me and yet ewre doing well and wished I was there to enjoy the spirits of their wins.

Now, years later since I have graduated from high school, watching basketball games on television was not one of my favorite things to do —- until one day my friend “G” had asked me to watch a basketball game with him. I had, ever since he has asked me to watch b ballgames with him, I had found the passion of watching b ball games again. Today I am a basketball watcher once again and I am planning on going to my high school basketball home games when they are again in season to cheer the team on. WOW!

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