Sometimes I am Glad…

Okay, you wonder why I wrote such a title as ‘Sometimes I am glad…’ right? Well, I have a friend who has a Mail Station and so she can not get on line like I can. What I am about to write might be difficult for her to swallow anyway. Well, we need prayer for our friend G who is a diabetic and his diabetes is out of control. Sometimes I wonder if G relies on LLM and just allows himself to go downhill with his diabetes having many down times where LLM has to bail him out with food to get him back to reality. Sometimes I wonder if LLM can see what is going on in G that she is denying a few things as far as G is concerned. Okay, I’ve said it to the public world of the internet and I can get upset everytime G goes down into a state. I don’t want to lose him, either but I wonder if LLM is overdoing herself when her health is in question herself. That bothers me a bit that she can not find time for herself because G is always coming and going to her place and LLM NEEDS privacy too. She works hard during the day that she needs to take a break from the people around her constantly asking questions about this or that. LLM needs a break – a BIG ONE without G with her – not just a day trip out of town, either.


Well, I have to go for now but I plan to be back if the weather allows it and I have anymore to say for the day. The weather has been rainy and stormy for the past two days and even today the sun is yet not shining – yet an overcast of grayness that shows MORE RAIN…Yuck! Oh well, we do need some rain. What is the summer going to hold for us? That is one question right now. I have to run and take a shower now. I have a dental appointment this morning. Bye for now.


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  1. Avalonelf says:


    I know someone who is diabetic, and he’s let himself go down hill before. Of course, I always told him I’d miss him if he ever did anything stupid and die on me, and he’s always kept a good attitude about him. Still around,lol.

    I hope things work out for those two. Have you tried talking to them individualy about maybe what’s going on? It may work!


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