I Almost Forgot My Rent For the First Time!

I had awakened, not thinking anything of it until I had caught my rent check still sitting here at my computer desk. I had forgotten to give the rent check to the onsite manager on the day I was going to possibly absent but I did plan on being home in time after my doctor’s appointment but I wasn’t. I thought, “oh God!. I am going to be evicted for having past due rent!” With panic going all through me I had called the onsite manager almost in tears and definite panic in my voice…waking her up from a restless sleep due to her back feeling so bad out kind of out of whack. I felt totally embarrassed and somewhat scared…more scared than embarrassed. It bothered me that I had the rent check still sitting here because I am NEVER behind on my bills or payments of something that is a need. So here I am, making arrangements in a frantic state, to get to the place I needed to get my rent check to and also get to my counseling appointment at one o’clock this afternoon. I was hoping that my rent payment would still be accepted because the thought of being evicted put fear in my heart.

I had gotten to the place where I would hand in my rent check and everything was fine. I did not have to pay a late fee for handing my check a day late, even. In fact, I had learned that I was okay and it was a first time for me since I paid my rent on time all the years I have been living where I live today. Thank goodness my anxiety has deleted and I am back to normal there. Even though it was a first time for me to hand in my rent check a day late, I will NOT allow it to happen again. I am going to be more responsible and if I know what my day plans are, the onsite manager is going to get the rent check before hand. Honestly, the month of May to this point has been hectic and very stressing to some degree.

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