What a Day

I have slept a lot today. I slept until 11 a.m. this morning and then had awakened to the program called “The View” and Chasity Bono was the last guest on the show. I missed what was really discussed because it was the last five minutes of the program. Anyway, although as long as I don’t like Chasity’s lifesty;e, she did not look bad. I would not live Chasity’s lifestyle at all in my life of mine. Whatever, she is Sonny Bono’s and Cher’s daughter 100%.

I decided not to get dressed for the day and go anywhere today so I am staying home all day long and watch and listen to the television. The TV is in my living room and it is right behind me so I have to turn half way around to see what is going on. The newest cartoon on Disney called “Kim Possible” is now playing and then Doug and Pepper Ann. I’ve watched the first episode of “Kim Possible” over the weekend and it seems to have a lot things in it that I would not allow any of my kids, if I had any, to watch. So much bad television is coming into this world and it is getting worse. What ever happened to the good television programs? My opinion is that thee good television programs got erased with the times and that is why now they are in syndication on other channels.

I am becoming a television “junkie” now that I am out of school but I am very careful about what is watched.

My days at home have become day after day of the internet and chats with other people.

This is my day – a boring one!!!! Oh well…

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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