Helter Skelter Kind of Day

Honestly, for you men out there, please forgive me for getting personal in this entry, but tonight is one of those nights, okay?

Sometimes being a woman does kind of stink. Lucky you men don’t have to worry about periods or anything and everything that comes along with them. I know you men have your issues to deal with too, but sometimes us women have our moments of tears, frustration, and anger when it comes to hormonal changes. Well, it has been ONE OF THOSE DAYS for me where my hormones went off helter skelter because of an upcoming moment in a woman’s life – her PERIOD! Everything I was seeing and hearing today just seemed to go haywire and nothing really made sense except for the movie I went to see with a good friend of mine earlier today. Time just seemed slow and not coming as quickly as it usually does when hormones are not RAGING one bit. Time seemed to have stopped briefly and the time seemed to stopped endlessly. Everything around me seemed to be either closed in or nothing was going right for me. My emotional upset and frustration seemed to take a whole new meaning of hormonal changes today! It did NOT seem right most of the day. In fact, this Saturday and the past couple of Saturdays did not seem like the best Saturdays I have really enjoyed. In fact, oddly enough, this Saturday has not really been enjoyed at all except for golng to the movies and getting away from this place/apartment of mine. In fact, I noticed something hormonal this morning and called the Ask A Nurse Helpline just to ask a question because something hormonal/new was noticed and I wanted a possible answer if there was one. Those dratted estrogen levels can get you going off in the wrong direction sometimes!! Man, what a day!!! Oh well, it is now over and I can go off to bed knowing that I got something off my mind before retiring for the night.

This is the first time, I think anyway, that I have shared something fairly personal about my life as a woman, but oh well. I have read some real good tear jerkers and funny entries here and I thought I would give it a shot as far as very personal stuff. Some days I hate being a woman but I can tell you all that I don’t hate myself being a woman to want to have a sex change or something. God has made me a woman and this woman is here to stay. I hope my DD friends here had a good read tonight!

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  1. *~Kristie~*

    Gotta hate periods, gotta hate hormones. My periods have been just not going in a monthly thing, like they are either at the beginning of the month, then the next month its at the end, grrr… Gotta hate it : )


    P.S.This is my new diary, Avalonelf willbe up until the 20th (explanation under sat.15ths entry)

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