Cont’d From Yesterday

continued from yesterday’s journal

I do have to admit that last night I had spilled some real good stuff from my heart and mind just to get off my mind and I have to admit that it was kind of gross but what else could I have said yesterday. I was really not myself because of the hormonal changes I have been feeling for a couple of days now and I usually don’t get too personal at times like this. Instead of getting too personal I kind of hold my feelings inside until I bust into tears and ALL my emotions escape all at one time. I have decided not to hold too much in any longer whether or not it is very personal stuff coming out into the public world. I have read some REAL PERSONAL stuff here at Dear Diary since I have been here and those diaries are a good read now and then and most of the time.

As I sit here today I do have to admit that my hormonal changes are not as bad as they were yesterday, Remembering the irritation I was feeling and time just seemed to go so terribly slow and all things around me did not seem right. Today is not so bad but yet time is still slowly passing by. Yesterday the walls of my apartment seemed to close in on me making me feel very bouncing and wanting to get out of here so fast but today those walls are not closing in as much. It is bearable today for a change but those hormones are still kind of raging but yet can be tontrolled, THANKFULLY! I do have to admit that I still “hate” having periods but yet grateful that I get them.

For us women of today;s world, I can relate to the changes from one month to another and one month I can get my period at the beginning of the month and then the next month, that dratted period comes at the end of the month. It really depends on when the period falls on whatever day and also what month it is. What is so horrible about having this month’s period is the fact I will be having it while I am visiting my brother and sister-in-law and they have a swimming pool. I won’t swim when I have my period. Oh well, that’s life and we don’t always enjoy things.

Please excuse me for being so personal and kind of gross here but I just had to end my last entry with another thought.

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2 Responses to Cont’d From Yesterday

  1. *~Kristie~*

    I still say grrr to periods, but they ar there for a reason…so I have no complaints. See what I’m grateful for is I dont get cramps hehehehe.


  2. AmyN617 says:

    Don’t feel embarassed and don’t apologize for posting something personal. It’s a very brave thing to do and sometimes it just feels good to open up!

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