One Roller Coaster Ride!

I did not get online until after 10:30 a.m. when I had gotten an e-mail from my mom telling me not to call her or come knocking at her door until 11 a.m.. Here, just before getting the e-mail, I had knocked at her door at 8;45 a.m. while I was heading to another friend’s apartment to get a cooler. As I was walking by Mom’s apartment, I heard some rustling in the apartment so I knocked to see if she needed anything. Mom just did not have the best day yesterday and on top of that, I did not have 100% the greatest day yesterday and last night. This morning really seemed like the beginnings of a roller coaster ride once again. I guess my hormones are raging again as my period is ending. Man oh man, I hate roller coaster rides when it comes to emotional ups and downs. When I get emotional, I take things personally and it drives me nuts. I hate roller coaster rides!!!

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