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With it being the 4th of July/Independence Day. I have been thinking of all the people who have been patriotic through their words and doings of the day. I wish I was a litle more patriotic but I haven’t because of the weather and I have been tired. I have being laying low all day long. In fact, I was chatting with a friend on MSN and had to go because I was too tired to even continue chatting and chatting is one of my strong suits in my life. Emilee and I have been laying low all day long.

I am not looking back at 9-11 and the terrorist attack that occurred on that day but I am looking at a day that may have not come if we held our heads on our shoulders and held our minds strong to our freedoms. We have freedom yet and we will always be fighting for our freedoms.

Happy Fourth of July/Independence Day!

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