My Day Today

I know that the day is not yet over but so far the day is half over. My rent will be picked up in about a half an hour and then I can have the rest of the day/afternoon to myself. Today is definitely cooler than it has been since I have been home from PA visiting my brother. It does look cooler outside now as I speak and yet it might rain. We do need some rain here. It got hot and dry here foor the past two to three weeks. When I left for PA, I knew that the weather would not be any better than Wisconsin weather but I did hope that the weather would not be so humid as it was in PA. Always hopeful but never aagain will I have high expectations of anything ever again.

What have I done already today…earlier this morning? Well, took a bath, washed dishes, took five bags of trssh outdoors to the big bin outside on the (taking a break to take rent down to the community room at this point) parking lot of the apartment complex I live in. Today is just another one of those lazy days! I will, if I have a chance, come back later today or not sometime tomorrow.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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