What can I say about today? At this hour of 3:44 p.m.? Well, not a whole lot really. I have been lazying all day long and I literally fell asleep in my recliner in the living room. I have been waiting for my mom to call me all day and I have a feeling she will not today but maybe tomorrow if she is in town as she said she was going to be over a week ago. Here again I am anticipating something to happen and time is just going by slowly and everythiing seems to be going slow motion. My ears are open to sounds that are just amazingly loud today. People have driven in and out of the Teamster Manor Apartment parking lot like it was a hotel or something. I’ve literally heard voices that were outside and they seemed to be indoors right in my apartment! I don’t like days like this at all. Anticipation is just as bad as having high expectations of something or someone in your life.

My day is yet not over with and here I am bored too death. On a Saturday I don’t usually have the television on but it is one this Saturday. Reading a book is definitely not in my wants today. It is NOT at all quiet around here today and I am all alone here with my cat sleeping in her “house” pet carrier lazying in the heat/warmth of outdoors. What a terrible day this seems to be today. Anticipation is just as bad as high expectations of something or someone.

I have a very uncomfortable feeling that my mom will not call me while she is town. I had gotten an e-mail while I was away in PA visiting my brother, from her saying that she was going to be in town the 6th of July because a relative of hers or my stepfather’s was dying of cancer and they wanted to see him one moore time before he died. Well, I had responded to the great news of her appearing in town this weekend along with a note that said “could we spend time alone without one of her friend’s always tagging along.” The following day, in response to my e-mail, I had gotten an e-mail from my mom saying that she too wanted to spend time alone with her friends. Ooooh that really tugged at the heart. Right now seeing her is a wanted thing but then again if I don’t see her, I can go on with my life. I have a father I will be seeing in three days anyway for a couple of days. Anyway, I had talked to my Aunt from up north of here about 200 miles about my feelings about the upcoming weekend plans and my plans being up north with my day and she told me that my mom has enough conscience to pick up the phone and call me. I hope she does.

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