Remembering Something and More

Ever since the terrorist attack happened on 9-11, so much has happened as far as little attacks on people on the ground. In LA, three people were killed at an EL AL terminal because of someone firing a gun and having a knife. Oh my goodness, when is it going to end? Never?? The littlest things done now on the ground since the attack on America has become possible terrorist attacks or any act of terrorism. I have seen a lot before the attack and today after the attack on America, I am seeing more and more on a daily basis. In fact, some time ago this summer, our city had something happen and was put on the news. What people do to get a little attention – causing possible big problems!! I am not taking things so lightly anymore regarding my personal life or the lives of the people who can and will make a difference in our world. What people do for attention today?? It makes me scream and want to pull my hair out!

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  1. *~Kristie~*

    Happy Birthday and Happy 4th of July. Sorry I’m alittle late…just well, busy ya know?

    Glad everything is going well and glad you had fun in PA. Hope all goes well with this girlfriend coming over and have a wonderful weekend!


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