Are you able to have DSL in your area? Where I am today, we are able to have DSL in our area. It was this past Monday I got my DSL up and running and believe me, the speed is VERY fast – lightning fast actually. It sure does beat the dial up modem I had been using since I hooked up to the internet years ago. I can not believe the speed of DSL and I am practically disgusted with the dial up modem being so slow getting to pages or places I really want to go to. I am hooked up to DSL with my telephone company and it works fabulous and to my liking. I would, if it is in your area, recomend it. If it is not compatible with your computer, your telephone company or place of DSL will let you know. After you get hooked up to the internet like I did, you will NEVER want to go back to a dial up modem again. Now, if you have troubles with your DSL for some reason as a faalt of the Internet or e-mail service, a dial up modem is nice to have for a back up and I do recommend that you keep your dial up modem in your computer. I still have my 56K modem in my computer. I just now have two modems – one faster than the other and my 56K modem is inactive as we speak.

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