Before the Storm

I thought I would write a quick entry before the night is out. Nothing much is going on right now. My day was great! I did not get together with my friend Mark because a project at his workplace had taken his time and he had to take a rain check on getting together for dinner but I did get together with my adopted Grandma who I call Nana for lunch out. We had a great time in the time we did have. We had arrived at the restaurant about 2:30 p.m. and before 3:40 p.m. we had realized that time was going by quickly. As I was paying for the dinner, my adopted Mom and friend G had come in to have dinner. During the time that Nana was eating her desert and drinking her ice water, “Mom”, G, and I were having a little bit of fun talking to each other silently as we mouthed what were saying from across the room. G and “Mom” were on one side of the room while Nana and I were on the other side. Before Nana and I left, G and “Mom” were getting really silly, making me silly on top of it, and before I knew it we were having butter pads and jelly pads thrown at each other. Thank goodness that there were people in the restaurant who understood that the four of us were “family” and enjoyed the little show. Honestly, I was having loads of fun and Nana was enjoying it as she sat and watched wondering what was going on. There were only the four of us, the waitresses and another couple in the restaurant at the time, thankfully. By the way, the throwing of pads of butter and jelly was “Mom’s idea and G was doing the throwing. I had only thrown one pad of jelly at G’s feet before we left. You probably don’t even believe me, right? What I did say here is true and believe me when I say I was having fun and definitely got caught up in the fun. THANKS “MOM”! I did have a good time – the short time we had together in the restaurant even though we were not sitting at the same table.

I personally think that I am now finally finished with the summer and what had come along with it – HEAT! I did have a great time in PA and I did see relatives from one end to the other and now the next thing is school coming in a few weeks…the end of August. I have been depressed long enough that today I realized how much fun I was having with my three friends. I had forgotten what fun was like there for a while I think. I am so glad that my depression episode is over and on the way out now that I have school to look forward to.

Today is my grandpa’s 90th b-day and knowing that he is in a nursing home with A;zhiemer’s sp? Disease in the infantile stages of life now. Remembering my grandpa then is better than now believe me. I know what he did all day long…ate, went potty in his pants (diapers), slept, and just lived another dull day in his mind. What a life my grandpa has to now live! Not a happy one I suppose not knowing what he is thinking or what is going on his mind altogether… I hope Mom and my stepfather went to see him today!

Well, I better go for now.

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