My Life Today, This Afternoon

I have taken over an hour this morning to get on line and play games and surf the internet and then took an hour and a half from the computer and the internet all together until 2:30 p.m. this afternoon. I have been back online now for over two hours now, making the total of time on line about four hours. That was my life today really. Kind of lazy and boring and full of television programs and internet stuff and writing. What a life I lived today! Boriing city! Anyway, it is too hot to be outdoors. In fact, it is hard to step out of my apartment into the hallway because the heat hits me right in the face. I am still in my pajamas and not planning on getting dressed now at this hour of the day being 4:21 p.m. in the early afternoon. My day is not yet over and my evening is going to be nothing but computer and television and the internet. What a life! Boring city!!!

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