My Time After Midnight Thoughts

12:16 a.m.

Oh my goodness. Here I am, so wound up, not able to sleep. I have picked up a little bit to make my place a little bit more respectable and at the same time not making any noise to wake up any of the neighbors. The walls are so thin here you can actually hear your neighbor snore if she snores! LOL Tonight I must have something just nagging to come out into the world or something close to that. I do have to admit this though, I am not the least bit restless.

As I sit here writing my thought of the moment now being 12:25 a.m. my eyes are beginning to droop some and a yawn has escaped my mouth just now. Here I am awake and I have plans to be with my friend Mark to g grocery shopping and Friday night fish fry. Why is it I am still up?! LOL Something in the dark recesses of my mind is bugging me crazy and I am unable to understand. I hate that when that happens because I may be awake but my brain has shut down for the night. That happens to me often.

It is now 12:32 a.m. and I just heard someone go past my apartment door. i do know that our maintanance man, J. C. does do some work when everyone is snug in their bed, or like me, snug in their appartment. I did hear that sound a second time and went to investigate it and it was J.C. waling down to the other end of the building. I live at one end on the third floor.

Now at 12:39 a.m. my eyes are beginning to become more heavy than they were almost fifteen minutes. Emilee, my sweet kitty cat, has awakened from her lengthly cat nap and now is prowling about quietly checking things out being herself. Nothing unusual about my cat;s life.

I think now, at 12:43 a.m., I am going to shut off all the lights I have on in this place and get some shut eye now. My eyes are tired now. I will write more in the morning when I go about my day – boring or not.

Here is a letter I had written last night after this part of my journal entry.

J.C. –

I want to thank you for letting me purchase your computer desk as well as help me move my computer from the kitchen table to the desk and help me hook it back up. i also want to let you know that your work as a maintanance man does get noticed by me. Nellie’s job also get noticed as well and I do appreciate both of you for what you do. The computer desk looks great here as well as a perfect look in here. Now, I have a kitchen table again. “Smile”. Thanks again, J.C.


Kristi K #308


Last entry before shutting off the lights for the rest of the night.

12:59 a.m.

I wrote a short letter to a neighbor so my apartment lights are still on. “SMILE” I am nt asleep yet. “YAWN” My yawns are more frequent now. Thank goodness. Good night everyone.

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