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Sometimes I can not put a title in my journal entry because sometimes I just talk and write and say what is on my mind at any hour of the day. Today is one of those days that nothing really has a title because of gibberish and just words going across the monitor screen and I am sitting here clicking away at the keyboard making the worst music I could ever play. I have never been musically inclined. Click, click, click goes the keys as I sit here to form words and make no sense of my entries at times. Do I ever make sense? LOL I am a blonde here…what else do you want to know about me? SMILE.

Not a whole lot has happened yet as it is not yet noon here. We have a half an hour before noon here anyway. I do know that I was invited to go to a concert in Rockford with my friend G and his Mother, and maybe my adoptive Mom will go but yet the plans were not made definite. Anyway the weather looks iffy and the crickets outdoors are talking and chirping their loud but beautiful sound. Talk about music! Sometimes their music can be deafening but yet they are God’s creatures on this very earth He created for our enjoyment and love. The television is going on in the livingroom behind me and I am making no sense out of the program playing on Disney right now. It is Totally In Tune – a music show for kids in school yet making something out of their school lives and lives beyond high school hopefully. Why is mu TV on when it is not even being watched…just for noise? Yep, just for noise as usual! Kim Impossible is now on and that show, even for a cartoon, is pretty good. I like the girl, Christy Carlson Romano who does Kim’s voice anyway.

Okay dokey, just gabbing here, making no sense right now really. LOL

Oh, just in case you love to play games and go for prizes and try to win, I have been having loads of fun at this very place Pogo. I really enjoy Tumble Bess and Word Whomp the most but I also play a game there call Poppit. Any which way you go about playing, you earn points that you can later cash in for prizes. Write noow they are having prizes of $1,000, $250. and $50 cash prizes. The only bad news I could give you about these games is I have not won any prizes I have cashed in yet but oh well.

Well, for now I better run. Maybe more later.

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