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I did not write any entries yesterday because time just escaped me as well by the time I wanted to get an entry in, it was way too late and I was tired and I could not keep my brown eyes open whatsoever. I had fallen asleep after 10 p.m. while waiting for time to pass waiting for Matlock to come on at 11 p.m. I remember waking up after falling asleep at 11;55 p.m. with Matlock over. I guess getting up at 7:30 a.m. is what did it. Anyway, with school coming up, I have to get my body regulated for the semester of classes. I do feel a bit guilty not having an entry written yesterday. It does seem that times does not always work for you, does it?

Right now Murder, She Wrote is on and I am listening to it while I am on line. I have an appointment this afternoon at noon with my counselor. I was to have this appointment this past Friday but I could not make it because of transportation problems, and my counselor was upset that I had to cancel. Well, today I am not going to cancel this appointment. I do not dare because it would upset my counselor even more. The reason why he gets upset with me is because I have made progress in sessions past and he also does not like his clients to cancel several times. What happens to cancellations then is someone else who needs to see a counselor does not, sometimes, have an opportunity to take the cancelled spot. That can hurt sometimes I guess.

After I get back from my appointment I have no clue whatsoever what my plans are. I do know that finally the weather has cooled down as far as the heat and the temperature outdoors and rainstorms are not in the forcast for several days according to the weatherman…if believing them will ever happen again. The sun is shining now but because of the sun shining into my apartment so brightly and getting real warm in here, I have lowered the blinds and closed them. That makes it a little darker in my place but it is definitely not so hot.

9:45 p.m.

I just got done talking on the telephone to a gal at Alliant Energy. I have had no problem with my electricity or paying my bills or anything but after the conversation was over, I was signed up for a budget plan for my electricity so now I will be paying a flat rate per month instead of eg. $15 one month and $25 the month afterwards. What a relief to be on a budget plan now.

Well, I have an hour and a half left before I have to go to my appointment. Actually over an hour and a half and I am ready to go. I am dressed and ready for my day except for the fact that my leg brace and shoes are still off my feet.

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