Entry #2

In four hours I will be going to a Steve Green Christian concert with my friend G and his mom in Rockford! YEAH! I have something to look forward to even if my adoptive Mom does not go with us. There has been no change in the weather really since my first post. The sun has tried to peak through.

I think I put something in my last entry incorrectly. the link I was going to add did not show up correctly so here it is again, giving it another shot, another try. It is httrp://www.pogo.com. it is a game place I love to go to often when I am on line. In fact, I spend over an hour playing Poppit, Word Whomp, and Tumble Bees. The Poppit gake is for fun and excitement to try to pop a series of balloons and get all the prizes to earn points to go towards prizes. Word Whomp and Tumble Bees are two of my favorite games because you have to come with words and it is, to me, challenging and fun. I only play those three games because they are a challenge. If I put the link for Pogo.com incorrectly again, I will keep trying anyway or you can just type in www.pogo.coom and get to the site just fine.

Someone has just called my home but when I looked at who was calling me, I did not want to pick up the phone. I know that sounds terribly rude and cruel but I do have a life outside the phone and the internet most of the time.

I have to go and e-mail my mom something. Maybe more later yet before I go to the Steve Green concert. Oh boy, I am going to have fun tonight!!! Bye for now.

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