The Storm

I was planning on getting on line to write my journal entry for August 12, 2002 but when I was going to go on, I saw lighting light up the sky and then a far away clap of thunder so I shut down my computer before it could have destroyed it. I had hoped that the storm would have ended before it got late last night but it didn’t and I went to bed at 11 p.m. because I was tired and ready for bed. Yeseterday I was going to do my laundry and today I was going to do it but again another lazy day had come until noon. When noon came, I just could not stand the look of my bedroom any longer and cleaned it up a bit and made my bed so I could sleep in it for the first time since the big heat wave took over the state of Wisconsin most of the summer. I was getting fed up with sleeping on the futon in my living room really and decided to make my bedroom more livable and comfortable which meant I had to pick up all the clothes all over and fold them and put them someplace easy to get a hold of. I knew I had a lot of clothes but I did not know I had so many of them! So that was my project at 1 p.m. yesterday afternoon after being on the computer for over an hour. I was going to watch the The Rookies, starring Kate Jackson but it was a repeat from another time I had seen it and I did not care to watch it again so I did my bedroom in hopes that I would get on line before retiring to bed for the night. When 11 p.m. rolled around, I was going to watch Matlock and then go to bed but again it was a repeat of another time and I cared not to watch it again so I retired to my bedroom to my cleanly made bed and listened to music until I had fallen asleep before the radio shut itself off. I had awakened in the middle of the night – early morning – to run to the bathroom and found that my radio had shut off on its own just fine. Last night I had gone to bed, after reading a good Christian book to calm my fear of thunder and storm, feeling pretty calm and comfortable. Emillee had been found sleeping with me several timies during the night when I moved and turned about during the night several times. I am now GLAD that the storm is over even though the weather looks unsure today. it only looks cloudy and the sun is trying to peak through and break away from the fog that has taken over our city this very day. Otherwise it is fairly quiet and very pleasing to this girl’s mind and world of reality and play. Oh…how the sun is trying to peek through the fog and break its barriers for good! YAY, YES! Okay, I think I have said enough for the time being. I will try to return later today sometime. What am i going to work on today? What a day!!!

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