Saying Good Nigh

I have had my computer on all afternoon and surfed the net about three times but that is all. Not a whole lot of anything really happened today except resting and just being lazy all day long in my pajamas. I did eat three meals today and have been following my “diet” eating plan. This come Tuesday I will be attending weight watchers meetings two blocks away from my home, yay. I have to lose weight, YES. I am almost 200 lbs again.

Well gang, this is my last entry of the day. I am going to say good night now and come back tomorrow if the weather is fair and decent. It looks like we are expecting a storm tonight. Time to shut down my computer. More later…tomorrow.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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2 Responses to Saying Good Nigh

  1. sezrah says:

    i love the new look 😉

    sorry to hear about the bump on your knee, that kind of thing really really hurts

    hope your week is a great one


  2. *~Kristie~*

    A new vaccum huh? My mum got a new vaccum, washer and dryer just last month. She was SOOOO happy,lol.

    Well glad your day has gone fairly well and pretty smooth going. Good luck with the weight watchers, my mum was successful with them. She has lost over 40lbs now, I am so happy for her.

    Well ts almost 8am here and I best be well doing nothing, so I will keep my ass on the comp and go looking around on the net.


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