Entry 3 – My Day Altogether

Definitely hormonal! I am having a fit here because my friend L has not gotten home from her son’s work place yet because at 5 p.m. she had called and told me her son has not yet arrived to take a look at her car. I don’t know what to think at this time because when I had called to reconfirm her phone call, her son’s girlfriend answered the phone and she seemed unhappy or disappointed about something. Honestly, things are becoming hormonal for me thus very day and night. I had a feeling that this was going to happen so I have a feeling that going out to eat is going to be held off again! Honestly, this is definitely a hormonal day for me. I HATE IT!I understand that a job needs to b done sometimes but I wonder sometimes if someone tells you to be someplace at a certain time, that other person should be there as well and not be just saying it. Give me a break…that is not 100% the best business ethics for any business. What an early evening!! I am bored to death and hungry right now. The important thing is that my friend L called and told me. I am hungry now, that’s all and I have plans to go out to eat tonight and tomorrow.

More later tonight…

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