Aug. 11 – My Morning

I had awakened a little after 8 a.m. and felt tired until 9 a.m.. I was planning on doing my laundry this morning but this another day of procrastination I guess. I am going to wait until tomorrow morning now. Too lazy to do anyhing much but to stay in my apartment away from everyone in this building ecept for L, G, and my adoptive Mom. Yesterday I had gotten together with my friend A for the day and had a great time chatting, eating, and walking about. I had gotten home from being out almost all morning and A left, I visited with my adoptive Mom until she had gotten a long distance phone call. After Mom got off the phone, I had called her back to talk to her about God’s day of rest and the conversation got long and a lot of questions of my habits came about. Part of the conversation was focused on me and how mature I have become, which is a small part of my spiritual life these past three years. My own family who lives out of the state must be blind to my growth because while I was with them, minusing my brother, all I felt was ridicule and anger in my heart. Am I beginning to feel the separation of my own family and living a life totally outside of my own family? I feel partly that way but I know I am loved, but…

Well, this morning, like I said earlier, I have gotten up a little after 8 a.m. to begin my day. I had gotten my Bissel Go Vac Cordless Vacuum yesterday from a place called I had put it together, without following instructions, and got it put together correctly and set up. I had tried it this morning and boy does it work better than my ol’ Eureka vacuum cleaner I have had for four years. The only thing I have to get used to is the fact that it my Bissel works for a total of fifteen minutes before having to be charged up again. My place is not too big anyway. Just four rooms: the kitchen, livingroom, bedroom, and bathroom, and small hallway.

I did the dumbest thing already this morning! I had ran into the corner of my end table on the way out of the hallway from the bathroom and now I have a bruise right abouve my right knee. That bang really smarted and now I have a bump, which I did not ice at all yet, as well as a bruise. I have a tendacy to be clutsy at times I guess. LOL

So that is the beginnng of my Sunday day

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