The Beginning of My Day Today

After Monday night’s storm and the sky looking like another one was going to come last night, the sun shining is a welcome sight this morning. I had gotten up a little before 7 a.m. and began my day at that hour in hopes that I would go to my first Weight Watchers meeting this morning but I have decided, that procrastination has hit again!, to wait until next week since I have gotten weighed in for the first time last Thursday. Anyway I have my period and I feel A LOT bloated, LOL i think that next Tuesday is a good time to start. After this week is through, I will not procrastinate any longer. I promise! I won’t feel so bloated by then anyway.

I already had my breakfast this morning. Being on a diet is not at all bad but getting used to eating breakfast in the morning is a little bit hard because I really did not eat breakfast every morning for so long. That is one habit to get myself into and I am so GLAD that putting breakfast into your daily plan is not a bad habit. I have plenty of bad habits anyway and I DON’T need anymore now or ever.

Since I have been up for three hours so far this morning, I might as well begin my day with a shower soon. Having your period is definitely messy at times and I always feel so unclean and horrible on the outside as well as on the inside. I am listening to the program, Murder, She Wrote since I can not see the television where my computer is and if I turned around I would be straining my neck too much to the left and that bus accident injury from May of 1998 can be achy at times. My computer is scanning for viruses as I write my entry for this morning.

I think I will go for now and try to write later if weather permits me to be on again later.

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