10 P.M.

It is now evening and I have watched a movie on lifetime called The Secret Life of Zoey from 8 to 10 p.m.. In between commercials I read a good book called The Great Controversy. NOw, while I spend my last hours of Monday night on line to write in my journal and see about my e-mails, the movie is on again – a enocre presentation of The Secret Life of Zoey I thought the movie was great! I am glad, however, that I was one of those teenagers who did not get into drugs or hang around the wrong crowd. I did, however, make some unwise choices in life and had made friends with the not so good kind of people but I was too shy to do much of parties and outgoing activities. Now my evening is almost over and I will be retiring to bed for the night and believe me I am looking forward to tomorrow big time. I have a lot going on tomorrow and hopefully none of my plans get cancelled or back fire. After Saturday’s upseting afternoon, I can not yet take another kind of disappointment whatsoever.

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