My Weekend is Over

FINALLY…my weekend is over. I was going to have a friend spend the night Saturday night but she couldn’t and hearing the news that she couldn’t brought out a part of me that hasn’t shown in a long time. I got mad at my friend for canceling our plans to get together for the third or fourth time this summer. I was mad and disappointed at the same time that I spoke to her angerly and when I was finished there was dead silence for more than a minute. That minute was unbearable and very uncomfortable. I did not know what to think so I hung up on my friend and called her back a few minutes later. After we got done talking, I had a couple of hours of tears and anger rising in my body that was making my world crumble right beneath me that I did not know if my friend and I were still friends or if I would ever hear from her again. After 4 p.m., my friend proved me that our friendship was still intact by calling me and asking if I was alright and if I was still mad and I told her that I was alright and that I was no longer mad. Then we talked about what happened…feeling better at my end…and before bed time I was so exhausted and tired I had fallen asleep for a while watching television.

Yesterday evening my friend G and I went with his parents to Rockford to see the Christian group 4 Him and it was very good. After we got home, I had seen some lightning and heard quiet rumbles of thunder in the sky while I listened to music befoore retiring to bed for the night. Last night, retiring to bed a little after 10 p.m. and felt a little restless so I went out into the living room to watch television, dozing off while watching Matlock that started at 11 p.m. LOL. I had awakened a little after midinght to the show Mcgiver and turned the TV off and went back to bed in my room. I had awakened a little after 8 a.m. to stay up for the rest of the day. I am glad that my weekend is over and my week has started out fresh and beautiful. No lazy day for me here today even though I am going to be home all day in my apartment. No plans to go anywhere special today. I am going to stay in my pajamas most of the day anyway.

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