I would like to thank you, publicly, that I appreciate your comment and your kind words. Yes, my friend is definitely a true friend if she did call me back and make sure I was alright. It could have been worse but for some reason it was not the worst. Whew. I did spend the rest of the afternoon alone and the evening but not exactly entirely since my darling little cat Emilee was right there nearby or right by me keeping me from going insane or more crazy, LOL I am glad that my friend and I are still friends because my friend is a nice girl but sometimes I wish that we would stop making plans with each other and later being disappointed because we have to break them. Friends are such wonders in someone’s life that’s for sure. Again thank you for commenting at my first entry here at DD. Take care of yourself and we will definitely be visiting each other again soon. Good bye for now then. 😀

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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