Labor Day

My Labor Day started with waking up to a thunderstorm at 8 a.m. or so. I thought that they might cancel the parade at 1 p.m. if it did not give up before then. When I had awakened, I was looking forward to my afternoon at the Labor Day parade and then at the Labor Day Fest just behind our A&W Rootbeer stand down the street. I did not want to get a call from one of the IDS (Independent Disabilities Services) caseworkers saying that the parade was cancelled, so I really hoped that the rain would stop and the sun would shine before the parade would begin and end and then I would enjoy myself at the Labor Day Fest for a little bit before being brought home for the day. I would have been greaetly disappointment if the Labor Day Parade was cancelled as well as our plans to go to the Labor Day fest. I am not a good person as far as plans being cancelled. Anyway, my hope of having the thunderstorms end before the prarade dod hapen and the parade and the Labor Day Fest was not cancelled, and I went with four other IDS consumers and a caseworker (even though I am not a consumer of the IDS program) and we all had fun. In fact, my man friend Mike was with us which made the day brighter. He and his roommate (my ex-boyfriend) had just gotten back from vacation out of state and seeing Mike was a pleasure.

I would have written an entry or two yesterday but we were stormed out and I was not going to be on my computer when it was lightning. The storm seemed far away enough but I was not going to risk it and lose my computer. When i got home from the Labor Day Parade and Fest, I did get on line for only a few minutes to get all my e-mail, if I had any, which I had no important e-mail to reply to, LOL Now that I have started schopl, my incoming e-mails have been fewer and fewer. No big dea;. I have been fairly busy with school once it started on August 26, 2002. I was going to write an entry later in the day, but I was getting tired early and just wanted to go to bed. At first, as long as i had been on my computer it was almost a waste of time just to be on it for under an hour anyway realy. Before I retired for the night, to later wake up to a new school day, I had seen that the weather was expecting a possible thunderstorm in Wisconsin but I have no idea if it did get to us last night because I had fallen asleep while watching Matlock and my television was off when I had awakened to run to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

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