9-4-02 PT 2

I have a few minutes before my friend gets done with her class to go to lunch with her for me to write some more entry. Today has been a great day as I have mentioned in the first entry. I am a little moody though because I am expecting my lovely little period in a few days. I hate my periods because they drive me into a mood shift I can not always understand yet I cope with. Thank goodness school has resumed for another semester so I can get my mind on school and not my problems and issues that drive me to be moody. Right now it is kind of quiet where I am at and it is very relaxing that I am about to fall asleep here sitting at the computer I am using at school. I might as well grab my pillow and a blankie to go to bed for a while, LOL That would look very funny at school believe it or not. Maybe I should go to the daycare room and take a nap with the day care kids, LOL No big deal. I will be home from school a little after 3 p.m. today since I will be riding the bus home this afternoon. I need the exercise anyway.

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