What Would be More Offensive?

Okay…how would you feel if someone came up to you and told you that someone had come to them to talk to you about something very personal? That person did not find the guts to tell you yourself that they were offended about something personal (anything) but instead they go to someone else to talk to you about that something personal! I find that more offensive than the subject matter at hand – whether it is personal regarding your health issues or anything that is offensive such as body odor. YES! Yesterday I had someone come up to me to tell me that a person came to them because I had bad body odor!! I find immature of that one person who talked to someone else about my body odor and the situation at hand did not bother me at all. Where are people coming to now-a-days? I was NOT embarrassed about the fact that I was talked to about body odor, but I was very unhappy with the person who talked to someone else so the situation could be discussed or worked out. I HATE that with a passion. Am I so stupid looking? I can understand that the person who complained about my body odor might think that I would be offended about something as personal as body odor or having any kind of odor that is noticeable, but I wouldn’t because they came directly to me about it. What offends me is someone else, a middle man, has to be brought into a problem that could be easily fixed by the two people that are involved.

Now I wonder if I put enough deodorant on this morning? 😛

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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