What Happened?

Oh my goodness…this weeekend was somewhat an emotional weekend for me. As a matter of fact, I did a lot of crying because I was feeling a neighbor’s tempermental stages because all I did was ask her if she remembered me asking her about me being noisy the other and then I told her that her expression on her face just scared me to death. When she heard that, she just walked away and said “here we go again” and she then walked out of the building upset at me. That evening, I cried and did not know what to think and I did not know what noise was bothering her. I had told my adoptive Mom Nellie that this neighbor scared me yesterday as the tears spilled forth again because the neighbor had asked my Nana what would Nana say to me if I brought it up again. That made me feel even worse and it also made me think that Nana was being brougoht into something that she had no control over. This neighbor is so tempermental and I guess I will have to avoid her for a while. I did, however, feel that I was walking on egg shells!

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